Cambridge Leadership Academy is dedicated to inspiring today’s youth with our leadership and personal development programmes. Our variety of programmes are all designed around nurturing, motivating, and encouraging new talent.


Cambridge Leadership Academy Summer Programme

Sunday, 19 July 2020 - Saturday, 25 July 2020

"Born to Lead" 2020

Venue: Cambridge

United Kingdom

About CLA

The Cambridge Leadership Academy  is passionate about creating tomorrow’s leaders with today’s youth. We love nurturing new talent and inspiring young people from across the globe to reach their potential at our classes and summer school.


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Our variety of programmes are designed to educate young people from across the UK and internationally to grow into inspiring, confident leaders. Talent from across the globe is given a chance to grow together, network, and flourish into self-assured, bold young adults.

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At Cambridge Leadership Academy we have a continuous influx of incredible keynote speakers from across the globe who travel to Cambridge to inspire our students. Check out when our next event is.

News and Events

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About Us

The Cambridge Leadership Programme is a powerful, vigorous training programme, designed to help students discover and develop their hidden unique potential of greatness that will give them a competitive edge to be well-rounded and holistic in leading effectively in today's world. 


"It was a great, enthrilling and enthusiastic programme. I made a good friend connection and also the speakers were very inspirational. You guys are awesome and you rock!"

Harry M. (Dubai)


"The programme was very interactive and fun."

Zohra (India)


“Very interesting and hands-on. Really good experience.”

Afolabi (UK)


“This is an amazing programme and I am very impressed. I felt the support. Thank you!"

Jinxin (China)


“Very motivational and helpful content, which I will be able to share back home.”



“The speakers were phenomenal at teaching.”

Enrique (Philippines)


“Amazing, very touching and helpful. I will pass on the message to others.”

Polina (Russia)


“I finally know how to be bold and confident.”

Wonderful (Nigeria)

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