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Cambridge Leadership Academy is dedicated to inspiring today’s youth with our leadership and personal development programmes. Our variety of programmes are all designed around nurturing, motivating, and encouraging new talent.

Cambridge Leadership Academy Discovery Programme

Saturday afternoon, 27 July - Friday morning, 2 August 2024

"Born to Lead" 2024

6 Nights at


University of Cambridge

United Kingdom

Discover your Leadership Potential of Greatness

Have you ever dreamed of being that great leader who inspires others and makes a difference to the world? Do you believe there's more to life or you are more than this? Could you ever conceive yourself becoming a leader - not just any everyday leader but a great leader? Would you like to truly discover the reason why you are here – your unique purpose and innate abilities? Do you need to make a choice about your career and future direction? Do you want to explore the endless great possibilities surrounding your vision? Do you have an idea that you'd like to make a reality? Would you like to discover, explore, release and maximise your leadership potential of greatness that lies within you?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the questions and you are between 14-20 years of age, then you will need to attend the Cambridge Leadership Academy Discovery Programme!


Discovery Programme

The vigorous training programme, designed to help you discover, develop and deploy your leadership potential of greatness through a series of teachings, self- and group exercises, will empower you with the wisdom that you will need to become a great leader and give you the competitive edge to be well-rounded and holistic in leading effectively in today's world.

With knowledge drained from successful, high-profile leaders and expert trainers,you’ll have the opportunity to:

Discovery Programme

  • Explore One of the Most Prestigious Academic Cities in the World

  • Gain Free Access to a 1-2-1 Session with an Expert Personal Development Coach Exploring the Gap Between Where You are Now and Where You'd Like to Be as a Leader - Worth Over £500!

  • Explore Leading Universities Based on Chosen Career Choice

  • Ask Successful People Probing Questions

  • Learn Life Lessons from the Stories of Highly Successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs

  • Be Inspired, Challenged and Have the Opportunity to Network with Successful Young and Senior Leaders and Like-Minded People from Different Nationalities

  • Attend a “Dress For The Future” Reception with High Profile Guest Speakers Sharing Their Life Leadership Lessons

  • Benefits of Attending

What to Expect At CLA Discovery Programme


  • Discover Your Vision with Clarity

  • Discover Your Potential

  • Discover the Leader Within You

  • Discover Your Life Chosen Career Pathway

  • Discover Your Strengths and Learn to Manage around Your Weaknesses

  • Discover More about Self-Belief and How to Develop Empowering Beliefs


Workshop and Seminar Topics

The CLA Discovery Programme is an intensive 5-day (6-nights) residential training programme delivered by leading experts in the field of personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

This Programme is Open to:

This Programme is Open to

  • Secondary School Students

  • AS/A Levels or Equivalent Students

  • University Foundation and University Students Aged Between 17-20 Years

The goal of the programme is to explore the many facets of leadership and confidence building. A major emphasis will be placed on discovering the leadership potential in every young adult irrespective of his or her background. Participants will be challenged to think creatively, positively and work collaboratively with other young adults from across the world.

Over the course of the 5 days, participants will take part in a variety of events on and off campus (from morning till evening), including lectures, and workshops well as well as the life-changing "Dress for the Future" event. Events are structured to broaden the participant's understanding in order to maximize their Leadership potential and self-belief.

Topics Included in the Workshop and Seminars

Topics Included in The Workshop and Seminars

  • Confidence Building

  • Leadership and Management

  • Self-Discipline and Time Management

  • Career Exploration

  • Public Speaking and Influencing Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing Empowering Beliefs

  • Goal Setting

  • Negotiation Skills (Win-Win)

  • Defining Your Interests

  • Personal Responsibility and Decision Making

  • Financial Literacy

  • Recognizing Opportunities Based on Your Vision

  • Overcoming Academic Obstacles and Challenges

  • Young Entrepreneurship (How to Turn Your Ideas into a Successful Market Product)

For more information about our Discovery Programme or to request a brochure, please contact us on our contact page.

Cambridge Leadership Programme

Sunday afternoon, 4 August - Saturday morning, 10 August 2024

Venue: Cambridge

United Kingdom

Entrepreneurship Curriculum – Week 2 (Optional)

Looking at the possibility of making your own idea a reality by becoming the CEO of your start-up? With more than 20 hours of teaching, from leading experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, personal development, management, and leadership, students will learn skills including:

Entrepreneurship Curriculum

  • Learn About the Timeless Principles That Great Leaders and Experts Have Used in Their Various Fields

  • Learn to Apply Their Leadership Skills in a Business Context

  • Find Out What is Required to Start Up a Successful Business Venture

With key areas including goal mapping, writing a winning business plan, how to sell your idea to key investors, students will develop an idea based on their identified gifts and talents. They will learn to identify the challenges surrounding that idea and the solutions to overcoming those challenges. They will also explore the possibilities in making that idea into a successful marketable product.

*The Cambridge Leadership Advanced Programme is designed for all 17-25 year olds (from 15 years if you’ve been on any of our Cambridge Leadership Discovery Programmes).

Topics Included in The Advanced Programme

Topics Included in The Advanced Programme

  • How To Communicate and Present Effectively, Leaving an Unforgettable Impact and Impression

  • Speaking Without Notes

  • Goal and Life Mapping for the Next 20 Years

  • Financial Literacy Including Investment Opportunities

  • Effective Team Building and Management

  • Expert Body Language

  • Understanding Your Leadership Styles, Including Discovering Ways to Grow and Enhance Your Own as You Bring out the Leadership Qualities in Others

  • Timeless Principles to Succeed in Every Area of Your Life

  • How to Determine Your Optimal Career Pathway and Generate Multiple Streams of Income

  • Making a Career Switch and Graduate Internship Opportunities

  • How to Beat the Competition and Pass any Interview

  • How to Build a Powerful Portfolio

  • Turning Your Idea into Reality - Part 2

  • Positioning and Releasing Yourself to Be an Exceedingly Great Leader of Influence in Your Chosen Field of Endeavour

Should you have further questions or wish to contact us, you can contact us on our contact page.

CLAP: Foundation (9-13 Years)

Tailored on-demand leadership programmes for school groups now open to School Groups only

Age: 9-13 years

Theme: Young, Gifted & Successful (YGS)

Duration: 10-12 days

Venue: Cambridge

Some Areas Covered on the Programme

Some Areas Covered on the Programme (CLAP)

  • How to Develop Your Self-Confidence

  • Goal Setting

  • How to Discover Your Personality and Leadership Style

  • Public Speaking: Develop Confidence in Speaking in Front of any Audience

  • Young Entrepreneur: Selling Your Idea and Making Your Dream a Reality

  • Discover the Leader Within You

  • How to Develop the Right Mental Attitude

  • How to Develop Positive Thinking

  • Making the Right Career Choice

  • Develop Your Signature of Greatness

  • How to Cope Under Pressure and Stand out from the Crowd

  • Educational Tours

For more information, contact us on our contact page.

*Please note, it is recommended that you go through each stage of the programme in order to maximize and get the most out of the programmes.*

Registration Process

Apply Today! Enrolment Open for 2024

Admission into Cambridge Leadership Academy is regulated through a selective admission procedure. Participants are selected according to the quality of their statement of interest, and the strength of their recommendations (please download the application form for directions). Upon acceptance into the programme, you will be required to pay the course fee (unless you have been awarded a scholarship).

Cost Includes:

 > Tuition
 > Standard Accommodation
 > Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Refreshments
 > Course Material
 > Tours including a trip to Thorpe Park
 > CPD Certification


Upon receipt of the course fee, you will be mailed a packet with additional details about the programme and visa letters to the British High Commission.


  • Bank Transfer Details sent upon registration

  • Cheque A Certified Cheque Made Payable to Cambridge Leadership Academy (Please Be Sure That the Participant's Name is Written on the Back of the Cheque)

  • Credit Card Please note that credit card processing fee applies. Click link below to make payment.

Dates & Deadlines

Terms and Conditions: Cancellation Policy and Refund

Fees and Payment & Cancellation Policy

Fees and Payment & Cancellation Policy A Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee is required upon application as a pre-requisite to the processing of an application to enrol at CLA. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the CLA's non-refundable application processing fee of £40.00 is paid upon application. Payment per Person includes VAT (Bank charges and any other transfer to incur possible charges is be covered by the applicant). Registration fee is required within 10 working days upon receipt of application (1st instalment required within this time frame if applicable (on request) with second instalment paid at a later agreed date) to secure enrolment. Registration fee will be fully refunded (Excluding bank charges incurred) for cancellations received in writing on or before Thursday, 21 December 2023. 75% of registration fee (Excluding bank charges incurred) will be given for cancellations received in writing on or before Friday, 23 February 2024. 50% of registration fee (Excluding bank charges incurred) will be given for cancellations received in writing on or before Friday, 26 April 2024. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after Friday, 26 April 2024. Early bird rates are valid for all applications received before or on 21 December 2023 only. Students who fail to attend the programme will not receive a refund (Exceptions include if UK government legislation obliges US to cancel our programme in 2024. In this instance, your booking will automatically be deferred to Summer 2025).

Early bird rates are valid for all bookings received on or before 21 December 2023 only.
Students who fail to attend the programme will NOT receive a refund.

Please note the student is responsible for covering any applicable bank charges when making payment.
Whilst advice can be given on request on visa applications, the student is strongly advised they have the correct visa to attend our programmes. It's the student's responsibility to ensure that they submit the correct documentation and that they comply with all UK and residence requirements before they commit to study on one of our programmes as we will not be held responsible for rejected visas and under no circumstances will any refund be made on grounds on lack of travel documents required to legally enter the UK. Please note the student shall also comply with all the immigration rules as required by the UK when entering to study for our course.

For tailored programmes, 25% of the programme fee and the processing fee will be required on application. Registration will be fully refunded (excluding processing fee, bank charges incurred, and a 10% administration charge) for cancellations received in writing 6 months to a year prior to the programme start date. 50% (excluding processing fee and bank charges incurred) will be refunded for cancellations received in writing less than 6 months prior to the programme start date. No refunds will be given for cancellations received in writing 3 months or less than 3 months prior to the programme start date. Students who fail to attend the programme will NOT receive a refund.

For more information about tailored programmes and to register, please contact us on our contact page.
**CLA reserves the right to withdraw any course or workshop session due to low enrollment. **

Residential Package

 > Standard Accommodation at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University                  > Training Workshops and Seminars Led By Experts in Respective Fields to Help You       

 > An Entrepreneurship Exploration Programme to Help Identify Your Idea Based on            Discover Your Vision and Leadership Potential of Greatness  

    Your Vision and Make That Idea a Reality                                                                                  > Access to One-To-One Session with A Personal Development/Career Coach 

 > Academic Tours and Trips                                                                                                            > Networking Opportunities with Other Students from across the World

 > An Exceptional "Dress For The Future" Evening with Guest Speakers Sharing Their         > Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Refreshments on Training Days (Dinner on Arrival and 

    Life Leadership Lessons                                                                                                                   Breakfast on Departure)


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